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this company is a complete scam.when u start the job they dnt take ur bank details 2 show they are gna be paying you!

they dont even have there own website!!! i worked all day everyday 7 days a week!! an got *** all from it, the odd bit of money here an there an got took out for a few drinks an got the odd dinner. They acted like my friend an gave me bits of money for diesel because i had no way of gettin about!

PLEASE READ THIS WHAT IM SAYING IT IS A SCAM!! i worked all the hours possible my social life toatly went, i stopped going out enjoying myself with my friends. im so embaressed that i let myself be conned like this. anyone else that is still working there now an is *** enuff like i was to carry on then please stop these men and women who are bosses of these 'companies' ae scam artists!!

lowest of the low.

it happens all over the world ive been in contact with people in ameriac who have shared my experience.do not trust these people unless you want to work for *** all!!!

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